A downloadable game

Winner of the Official InDev GameJam 2017.
Short first person Horror game, where you never know if you are actually playing the game or if the game is playing you.

Can you survive the ride?

Controls: WASD and Mouse to walk, E to interact.

Install instructions

Download zip file, unzip zip file, play the .exe file while having in the same folder as the Data folder.


MrAnchrysWildRide.zip 127 MB


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Another weird and wonderful game from you lot... :)

It's one of those games where I try to figure out what exactly is happening. White rooms? Radios? Paradigm?  Say What?!


Pretty bonkers.


I gave it a go, at the very least I can say I don't regret playing it - and I could tell you all had fun with the process of making it.