A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Short horror game made for a game jam. 

Game is created by ThorGameDev,  Jonrei, Xertagon and Christer2222


WASD -Movement.

Left Mouse - Rotate.

E - Interact.

F - Toggle Flashlight.

R - Reload battery in Flashlight.

Left Shift - Sprint for your life. 


SherlockHorsesHorrorAcademy.zip 133 MB
SherlockHorsesHorrorAcademy_Mac.app.zip 136 MB


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This was really something! Nice job though had fun playing it had a good laugh and a good scare!


interesting bro!! Loved it!


i played random indie games from gamjam and your game was one of them it was so much fun so well done , i hope you enjoy my gameplay :)