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From the unstable minds of the people who brought you some other games you hvae probably not played comes Submerged.

You find yourself alone in a submarine that's slowly breaking down and before you lie untold horrors.

Tags: Horror

What people have said about the game:

"Best game i have ever played" - Some stranger who had never tried games before

"This game is absolute trash, if trash was super good looking and made of fun" - iDubbbz (This is possibly a fabrication)

"I did not know a horror game could actually fix all of the problems with my life while also being better than me" - JackSepticEye(fairly sure i heard him say this once)

"Wow i never knew a credit list could be so great, game was also good though" - My Korean stepbrother

"People have said really funny things about this game! wow! haha!" - The developer who fabricated all of this text (and thinks he is pretty funny)

Published 48 days ago
TagsFirst-Person, Horror, suspense


Submerged_Final.zip 137 MB


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I really liked this game! And the credits were pretty hilarious—until they gave me a copyright claim for it! I was bummed, the credits made me believe that the music was original :(
Anyways, apart from that, it was really enjoyable! It was much improved from some other games I've played from you guys that I didn't record before. I didn't recognize any of the assets and the atmosphere was great, so good job on the overall design. The puzzles were fun to run through, too. Nothing too hard, but they helped to break up the walking. 
Look forward to more stuff from you guys, thank you for the game. Cheers!🍻

Hi Lumps Plays! Funny videos and gameplay! please make a video of our new game :D 


Thanks you very much!

enjoy the playing game! 재밌게 플레이 했어요.

Found a game called submerged thought it was a little different i actually thought there was some good ideas hope you guys enjoy this video.